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Many times, when policyholders file an insurance claim, they do not hire an adjusting firm to verify the amount of their claims. An appraisal clause is a clause or paragraph found in most but not all insurance policies. It is designed to be a way of reaching a settlement when there is a dispute over the amount of a loss between you and your insurance company and can be invoked by either party. However, when the amount of losses and damages add up to much more than what the insurance company agrees to pay, you do have the recourse to get what you deserve.

In Cleveland, OH, General Insurance Adjusting LLC provides fair insurance claim appraisals and forces your insurance company to pay your insurance claim. We offer impartial insurance claim appraisals that ensure that your losses are properly valued. Our mission is to obtain restitution for you quickly.

Whether you have an insurance claim against your homeowners, rental property or commercial insurance, General Insurance Adjusting LLC is the adjusting firm that will look out for your interests! We are licensed throughout the State of Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia for insurance claim appraisals.

If you have never had to file an insurance claim before, you are likely unaware of how contentious the process of resolving a disputed claim can be. You can easily become overwhelmed by the legalese and manipulations of those fighting for their interests and not yours. You need someone who will fight for your interests!

For 23 years, General Insurance Adjusting LLC has earned a reputation for providing fair insurance claim appraisals. We know that you already have many things to deal with when you have suffered costly property losses. You do not have to stand alone against big insurance to receive restitution.

We will work hard to win an insurance claim settlement that fully covers your losses. You do have resources when your insurance claim is denied or your settlement is unfair.

Depend on insurance claim appraisals from General Insurance Adjusting LLC and get what you are owed!

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