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Did you know that insurance claim adjusters make nearly $60,000.00 per year? In addition, you do not have to spend years attending a university to become a certified claims agent. The insurance claims adjustment field is expected to continue growing for many years to come, particular in the healthcare industry.

At General Insurance Adjusting LLC, we are certified insurance continuing education providers for insurance agents in Cleveland, OH! We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, and we have over two decades of experience offering general insurance adjusting in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

If you want to make a career change or are a recent high school graduate, you should consider insurance adjusting for your career path. The money is good and you work outside of a stuffy office most of the time. If you like to travel around the state, you should definitely consider this career.

General Insurance Adjusting LLC handles insurance claims for home, contents, commercial buildings and contents, and business interruption. When you choose insurance continuing education courses from General Insurance Adjusting LLC, you will receive knowledgeable instruction on laws governing all types of insurance adjusting.

You can specialize in one particular area of insurance adjusting, or you can learn the insurance adjusting business for all insurance types, which will put you in much higher demand when you look for work at an adjusting firm. A typical public adjusting firm wants their agents to be familiar with the laws and regulations governing a variety of insurance specialties.

All you need to start is a high school diploma. You will learn the process of filing a claim from beginning to end. You will learn the responsibilities of a claims adjuster and the techniques required to do reliable investigations of insurance claims.

If you are in or around Cleveland, OH, give General Insurance Adjusting LLC a call today to learn more about insurance continuing education courses!

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